There’s No Progress Without Movement


The blessing in being extremely talented is having access to unlimited options. You’re not confined to an industry or a trade, because it’s limiting to your skill set.

The curse, however, lies within the same framework. When you’re able to excel in several different arenas, you may find it difficult to hone in on a direction. Or you quickly get bored of following the same path. So you sit…and you ponder…and you run through scenario after scenario to figure out which of life’s directions is the right one for you, and makes the best use of your available skills.

What you don’t know is, your tracks are already laid out. You just have to follow them. See, there is a concept called “analysis paralysis.” The idea is that sometimes we can become immobilized by our thoughts. We’re faced with multiple paths that could work for us. But we get stuck trying to figure out which is the clear best one. The solution to that is to keep moving forward — not to stagnate ourselves by contemplating. Just pick a path and go blind to the alternative scenarios. If we shift our view from what “could be” to what “is” then we become much more focused and confident in our approach.

The ironic thing is that if we just pick a path, in time we will find ourselves back to the same straight-line track that points us to our goals. But we won’t reach that point if we’re stuck at the station trying to figure out the route.

The best way I can put it is this; there are a million ways for you to get to work. You can take the highway. You can take the city streets. You can hop in your car. You can hop on a train. You could even walk if you wanted. The time it takes you to get there will be vastly different depending on your choice. You will also encounter different people, places, and circumstances depending on which path you take. But ultimately, you made it to work. Now imagine never leaving your house because every time you got to the end of the street you circled back to try another route. Will you ever get to work? It’s not likely. So what was the contemplation for? I know it can be frustrating to pick a path when you’ve got big dreams and you want to get there quickly. But it’s better to get there than to not. There’s no progress without movement. Keep moving forward.

Freelancer, lifelong student, and wannabe techie. I love exploring disruptive startups and sparking cultural conversations.

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