On this episode of the Python Chronicles.

I built my first program. Mind you, I’m being very generous with the word program, but it’s one nonetheless.

First Program



print(‘What is your name?’)

myName = input()

print(‘It is nice to meet you’ + myName)


print(‘The length of your…

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

What’s up everybody. It’s day 4 of my coding Bootcamp and I’m honestly tired of writing. Between a full-time job, juggling freelance projects, protecting my mental health, and dodging COVID… I’m honestly exhausted. It’s currently after 11 pm and I’m pressed to get today’s update out before the day is…

Cam Caldwell

Freelancer, lifelong student, and wannabe techie. I love exploring disruptive startups and sparking cultural conversations. www.thecamcaldwell.com

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