90 Days of Code: Fav Five

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[Update from the next morning]

In full transparency, I decided to publish my raw notes from yesterday and push the detailed update until this morning because I was exhausted again. But trust that I did get an update out, and most importantly, kept my studying streak going.

So yesterday’s study session centered around

- Favicons

- HTML Div blocks

- The Box model of website styling:

  • padding


Favicons have to be inserted in .ico format. I used favicon.cc for the sake of time to draw my site’s favicon and it downloaded the the correct format.

To insert the favicon, I used the <link> tag, and entered “icon” int the eel=”” attribute. See below:

<link rel=”icon” href=”favicon.ico”>


I also learned how to insert <div> tags which are containers that we can use to structure content on the page. We’ll dive deeper into those in the next lesson.

Box Model of styling CSS

[markusvogl.com/web1/interactive_box_model] has a great interactive tool to see this in action

I can use the box model to style borders. For example:

img {border-width: 0px 10px 20px 30px}

CSS Display Properties:

  • Block — elements that take up the whole width of the screen on a page

<span> is an inline element that allows you to markup a part of text. We will also cover this more extensively in later lessons.

You are able to change the display property of elements within CSS

Ex. Display:inline; display:block;

This update was a little all over the place admittedly, but I’m in an all-day training for work as I type this. Don’t judge me 😅. All jokes aside, it has been tough to juggle lately, but I truly am retaining the information I’m learning this time around. By forcing myself to make these daily updates, I am paying closer attention to the material that I have to report on. It is also keeping me motivated to show up for my supporters every day. I thank you so much for reading. Please leave me a comment if you can, and I can’t wait to share what I learn today. ✌🏾

Freelancer, lifelong student, and wannabe techie. I love exploring disruptive startups and sparking cultural conversations. www.thecamcaldwell.com

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