90 Days Code: On the 1s and 2s

On this episode of the Python Chronicles.

I built my first program. Mind you, I’m being very generous with the word program, but it’s one nonetheless.

First Program



print(‘What is your name?’)

myName = input()

print(‘It is nice to meet you’ + myName)


print(‘The length of your name is:’)


print(‘How old are you?’)

myAge = input()

print(‘You will be ‘ + str(int(myAge) +5) + ‘ in 5 years…Hooray!’)

When I ran this program, I got the following output



What is your name?


It is nice to meet you Cam

The length of your name is:


How old are you?


You will be 28 in 5 years…Hooray!


This is rather simple, but it felt good to create something and actually see it work. It’s more of a morale booster because a lot of coding consists of things you don’t even see happening.

While on my Python journey, I actually came across another language that looks interesting, especially since I’ve become a fan of Augmented Reality in recent weeks.

Swift 👀

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