+1 Point for Artificial Intelligence

Cam Caldwell
Oct 27, 2023
Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

My biggest takeaway from attending VidSummit this year was this:


The idea that we are now individually empowered to create content that is consumable and fully experienced by cultures that are foreign to us is insane.

Text translation has been pretty widely available for a long time. Even the ability to dub video. But not full lip-syncing.

I spent the last few weeks playing with tools like HeyGen and the like. I made this below video for FREE

And it’s only going to get better as the mediums we use to share our messages start to natively support media being contextually distributed.


There are enough people who are planning to use this technology for bad. Balance the scales by being someone who isn’t afraid to leverage these tools for good.



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